KOY h 23 Memory Foam mattress and Viscoelastic fabric covering

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A quality mattress, made with innovative materials. In viscoelastic Memory Foam, highly ergonomic, it is modeled with the weight and heat of the body adapting itself pleasantly. Its structure guarantees total breathability. Viscoelastic, anti-mite and breathable fabric covering.
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    The peculiarity of this 23 cm high mattress, being formed by viscoelastic layers, is to model itself to the weight of the body, based on the heat produced by the body and to return to the original shape when you are up. The feeling you get on this type of mattress is to be wrapped in a cozy embrace. In addition, the Memory Foam has a particular heat-regulating capacity capable of maintaining constant body temperature during sleep, thus avoiding excessive sweating, especially in the summer months. Its structure guarantees total breathability. It is also ideal for those who suffer from cervical, scoliosis, lumbosciatica and posture problems. It has orthopedic characteristics, adapts perfectly to the lines of the body. Being in fact free of pressure points, it promotes blood circulation and allows the joints to rest naturally. And finally it is the most hypoallergenic material par excellence.
    Covering lining in anti-mite and breathable Viscoelastic fabric. Equipped with side handles.
    For the support it is advisable to use an excellent slatted base to ensure that the mattress rests without risk of damaging the slab, furthermore there is better transpiration and recirculation due to the passage of air.
    Technical features: Mattress with 180 mm core in Adaptive-Soft Foam system of 25 kg, anti-mite fabric padding, 5 mm viscoelastic, 200 g fiber, 20 mm Adaptive-Soft Foam system.
    MEASURES: 190 x 90 x 21 h.

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    Data sheet

    90 / 135 / 140 / 150 / 160 / 180
    190 / 200
    Height cm
    11 / 18 / 24
    Cubic meters
    0.100 / 0.170 / 0.190
    pieces pro box
    Number Packages
    box dimensions 1 (LxPxH)
    96 / 156 / 216 cm 32,5 cm 32,5 cm
    Comfort or Rigidity
    Abbastanza Morbido
    Lift (1; 5)
    Balanced diet (4)

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