ALEXANDRIA 180 or 200 fixed choice ceramic floor color white steel chassis rectangular

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Elegant and refined. In the simplicity of this line, all the taste of furnishing an environment and making it prestigious and welcoming. Fascinating basementcrisscross inmetalWhite and gres ceramic floor, solid, innovative and durable material, available in colors: brown or dark brown.TablefRectangular, made in two sizes: 180 cm. Or 200 cm.


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  • Description

    The combined glass ceramic used for table tops is a product obtained by joining a ceramic slab (porcelain stoneware) with a hardened float glass. This gives a floor with excellent aesthetic properties and remarkable resistance to daily use, particularly abrasion, impact, scratches, stains, thermal shocks and chemicals. It is easy to clean and totally hygienic, as it does not absorb liquids and does not release harmful substances.

    Fire Resistance: n It retains organic substances, so it resists to fire and at high temperatures.

    Scratch resistance: rThere is scratch, as it is a sintered material at 1200-1400 ° C.

    Wear resistance: r Scratches and deep abrasions, and remains unchanged even after intensive use.

    ResistsAttack: lImpact resistance is far superior to that of other materials of similar application.

    Flexural strength: p There is a high breaking rate.

    UV resistance: p Organic elements, UV resistant and its colors do not suffer any alteration.

    Stain resistance: yes Resistant to any kind of stain: its surface is not porous and does not absorb liquids.

    RESISTANTFor under mold: nOn is absorbent and free from organic elements does not allow molding.

    Resistance to chemical attack: r Exists in organic, inorganic, disinfectant and detergent solvents.

    Do not absorb liquids: andBeing completely free of porosity does not absorb any liquid/ P>

    Easy to clean: s Cleans it with extreme ease without any alteration of the surface characteristics/ P>

    surfaceIcie igienica: nIt releases elements into solution and is therefore totally compatible with food.

    cm. 180X100x75 h
    cm.200X100x75 h

    Product Details

    Born January 20, 2012 and present among emerging companies in the furniture design, Furniture World south of brands in the province of Ascoli Piceno, dynamic company and attentive to the emerging trends of the market and customer-oriented service. A series of articles in wood for home environments that enrich the cupboards for the living room, table and chairs for the dining area and the kitchen, to the entrance we find the furniture console that also make table, mirrors from special shapes, for relaxing sofas and armchairs all excellent value for money and convenience. Among the various collections we retro-inspired "Nut" as the 1978 movie Grease and is now 50s revival that gives elegance hot American walnut combined with matt lacquer, the living room coffee table, cupboards, sideboards and console. Industrial Style series in solid acacia wood "Vita" style furniture and industrial stools are metal, painted steel lamps, rugs and paintings glassware, tables and bar chairs, cupboards, filing cabinets and lamps that have become chic elements , furnish a loft-style 100% industrial is increasingly in vogue. In the world you can find furniture featuring the Living series "furniture to make you feel good" is the furniture that make you feel good about where the house is the center of attention and where millions of people in the morning as a new, hectic day full of new opportunities and discoveries and when we return home we are left to live with serenity along with the objects we have carefully selected. World Furniture the best in design, the best of furniture, furniture that surround our house with the best value for money.


    Data sheet

    Height cm.
    fixed table
    Cubic meters
    0156 0167
    pieces pro box
    Number Packages
    box dimensions 1 (LxPxH)
    105cmx185cmx5cm 105cmx205cmx5cm
    difficulty mounting
    very easy
    Mount Foot-Structure

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