For consumers, i.e. those who buy for purposes unrelated to their professional or business activities, we will apply the Legislative Decree 2 February 2002, n. 24. -articles 1519-bis et seq. of the civil code-(two years under the conditions of law). 
For other buyers who usually buy with VAT, then the legal safeguards provided for in articles 1490 and following c.c. (one year under the conditions of law). 
Livitalia In addition to ensuring all products for 2 years following the regulations, offers a warranty for certain products of certain brands.
Livitalia on site-related products   ensures the integrity of material only upon delivery (hereinafter Livitalia Warranty). Any defects covered by Warranty

Livitalia must be reported by the customer, under penalty of forfeiture, within and no later than 30 (thirty) days from the date of delivery. In case of operation of Livitalia Warrantythe customer shall be entitled to the sole replacement of products damaged behind restitution thereof, except the right of the customer to pay any damages, even further. Shipping charges in case of replacement products for any product defects shall be borne by Livitalia.

Without prejudice to the possibility of fraud or gross negligence of LivitaliaIt is now agreed that, if found responsible for Livitalia in any way towards the customer-including the case of total or partial non-performance, the obligations assumed by Livitalia towards the customer as a result of the execution of an order-the responsibility of Livitalia shall not exceed the price of the products purchased by the customer and for which both the dispute. 

Livitalia However does not lend on products made by third parties no guarantee further than that provided by individual producers. Technical assistance and interventions under warranty on these products are carried out, if required, by individual producers, according to the terms and conditions stated in the product documentation. 

Support for every need you can contact customer service at the following address